The Holy Grail of Submission: Daddy Conquers my Ass

This morning I wake to the feel of Daddy taking the covers off my behind, and then sliding two fingers into my ass. He does not ask for consent. He is opening me up and I am in such desperate love with that feeling, the way he invades my behind and pounds it a little rough, and oh I come so sweet. When he pulls his fingers out, I expect to hear him get up and go in the bathroom to wash his hands like he always does but instead I hear his voice say, “Stay still.”

The perfection of his tongue, licking my teeth, knowing my mouth. He shoves his thumb in my mouth while he kisses me, and oh I like that, he’s done that before, but then suddenly he is doing something he had never done before …

I can hear him opening the lube again, and then his hard, slippery cock is sliding up and down my crack and all it once it goes in effortlessly into my ass. I gasp with delight, how easy I open up for him, no pain at all. Here it is, the submissive holy grail. All our trying and training has paid off, and now Daddy is truly fucking me in the ass. Oh finally. There is an uncomfortable strangeness to it, my body unsure how to take it, but oh that discomfort just turns me on more. He fills my ecstatic hole, fucks it fast and shallow, slapping my behind at the same time, perfect, yes, fuck me. He shudders and moans, he has come inside my ass, and I am elated.

Afterward, he curls around me, and I am floating in the profound peace of a submissive who finally has a bottom hole able to take ALL of her Daddy. I ask him if he liked it as much as I did.

“Oh yes, babygirl, yes.” 

He is idly playing with me the way he does, pinching my nipples in the electric way he does, whispering in my ear the hypnotic way he does. He tells me how intensely he loves me, how beautiful I am, how I am a sex goddess, what well matched kinky sluts we are. He makes me laugh and sigh with pleasure and cling to him in love. And then he is making love to my ear, fucking my ear with tongue. Jolted by that, I turn over to kiss him, and ah the long luxurious kisses. The perfection of his tongue, licking my teeth, knowing my mouth. He shoves his thumb in my mouth while he kisses me, and oh I like that, he’s done that before, but then suddenly he is doing something he had never done before …

He pushes deeper into my mouth with his thumb, then presses firmly down on my tongue so that I can’t move my tongue or close my mouth. He keeps kissing and licking the inside of my mouth while holding it helplessly open, I cannot even kiss him back, I can only feel him ravaging my mouth. Hot sex energy shoots through me, fireworks inside me, my body shudders and shakes with crazy orgasmic energy run amuck. I am getting off so deep and hard, I can’t believe it, I still can’t believe it, can’t quite understand it, that thrill, that powerful trigger, my mouth held in his control.

(Okay, a gag, I get it now, yes, I want that, if that’s what it feels like …)

I tell him it feels like he is flipping all the switches in my body. But it’s not as if he just found them, no, it feels as if he is the one who installed those switches. It feels as if he has wired me to respond the way I do. I tell him he is the owner of my mind and creator of my sexual self…  This excites him, I know from his growling sound, and his fingers plunge back into my pussy, and another finger pushes into my ass, still full of his slippery semen. He stirs and stirs, and oh my body gorges on the pleasure of his hard, insistent fingers. I think I will die from my happy strong orgasms.

Then he is on top of me, fucking me, so beautiful sweet, and he comes again in my pussy.

He tells me that hasn’t happened in who-knows-how-many years, ejaculating twice within an hour. He says, “You’re my time machine, babygirl.”    

We are both doing something intense for each other all right. We have just made love for over an hour this morning, after doing it for a couple of hours last night, after doing it an hour earlier that morning… after doing it all day the day before that. More days than not we have sex twice a day, morning and night, sometimes more if you include cocksucking and other things. Dominance and submission has allowed us to have this beautiful deep profound joyful so-in-love insistent HOT sex, and we have been insatiable for each like this for months.

I walk around all morning so light and happy, my heart fully soaked in love, my nipples still tingling from his torture, my butthole hot and burn-y from his cock morning, the muscles in my legs weak from how hard my orgasms swept through me…. and oh my god, I feel so ALIVE, so happy to be in my own body, so roughly used and penetrated and well-loved. And so right, so right …

And so excited for all the days to come, because who knows what will happen tonight or tomorrow night or the next? I know I will get his cock in my mouth when he gets home, but after that? I might sit on Daddy’s lap while he kisses me and pets me, or there could be some lovely rope to hold my titties tight for wonderful hours. Or clothespins on my pussy lips to put me in a hot trance. Or maybe it will just be a sweet spanking tonight, who knows? Every day is a surprise of sensation and discovery and love and trust and love and being taken care of and love and love and love.

Just now, as I have been writing this in my chair in the living room, Daddy is sitting across from me on his chair, gazing raptly at his laptop screen. He looks up at me and says –

“I found a site all about slave training. I want to give that a try this weekend, see how it feels.”

I blink at him in surprise. “You want to train me to be your slave?”

We’d talked about that before and rejected the idea, agreeing we were much more compelled by a Daddy/daughter dynamic. But if I have learned anything, it’s not to be limited to preconceptions about what I think I will like.

“Well, at least my slave for a day,” he says. “You’ll be naked in a harness all day, sit at my feet, take a flogging when I’m in the mood. How does that sound?”

Of course, I have to squeeze my legs together over the throbbing in my pussy. And of course, I say, “Whatever you want, Daddy.”

Author’s Note:  This journal entry, written in 2015, serves as the final chapter of Book One of the memoir, Ravish Me, which my darling Daddy and I published two years ago. Because a number of generous people took the time to contact me and tell me how this blog helped them find their way on their own D/s journey, I am going to continue posting journal entries from our first year, and put it all together in Book Two, to come in Spring of 2022!

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